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In 2018 a friend shared this amazing shopping club with me because she knew that I love good deals, healthy living is important to me and with my busy lifestyle simplicity and convenience were a must. 


Little did I know that not only would I fall in love with their exclusive products and their extraordinary service, but I learned that they offered a Learn to Earn program. This program allowed me the opportunity to learn about the products that I was using and they paid me to do so.  I knew at that moment not only did they have amazing products and was making my shopping so much easier but they truly cared about their customers.  I don't recall any other company I bought something from offering to pay me to learn about their products.


I found out through watching a video that there was a   Lung Study  conducted over a 20 year period and the findings were if I was cleaning at least once a week with any of the household cleaning products, it was equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. After seeing this information I couldn't unsee it.


This shopping club has similar products to what I was already purchasing from my local grocers except they have   toxic-free cleaning products (Childproof) & Eco-friendly products from nutritional to daily necessities to essential oils. 


I get all of my products up to 50% off. I love that I can also save on all of my purchases outside of the shopping club through their Marketplace which house over 600 retailers.  Not only am I saving on the purchases that I would already be making, but I'm also getting up 30% back in rebate and my family and I aren't being exposed to those harsh chemicals that cause lung damage.  I love their fast delivery service, It kind of put me in the mind of Amazon Prime but on a whole notha level. With the click of the finger, I can order all of my family necessities and have them on my doorstep in 2-3 business days. For only $19 annually I get to take advantage of these amazing perks. To me, the shopping club is like Sams Club on a Wal-Mart budget with Whole Foods quality. The creme de la creme 


If you are a mom with children, a woman looking for the most bang for your buck I highly recommend this shopping club .